Monema API: integrate telephony in your own applications

Monema for Business has an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables it to integrate VoIP, fax and SMS in their own systems.

The API VoIP is implemented as a SOAP web service that can consume from any language that supports it like PHP, .NET, Java and many others

VoIP API Monema

The following functionalities are among the features offered through the API VoIP:

  • Getting the account's prepaid balance
  • Getting information about the calls made or received
  • Making calls among the extensions or calling external numbers
  • Modifying an extension's divertions
  • Sending SMS
  • Sending faxes

With the Monema for Business API VoIP you will be able to integrate your company's telephone service with your own applications or management software simply and rapidly.

These are some examples of integrated solutions with the Monema for Business API VoIP

  • Write down the calls you receive from your clients in your CRM
  • Start the calls from your applications to communicate with your clients
  • Automatically send faxes to your suppliers
  • Send SMS with notifications about your company's processes

You can download the API documentation from the following link:
Monema Clients SOAP API (.PDF)

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