Creating a click2call button

To create a click2call button access "Click2Call" section in the top menu of your control panel and click on "Add new...".

Añadir nuevo

These are the fields you must configure:

Basic info

Enabled: this checkbox allows you to enable or disable your click2call button. If it is disabled the buttons will not be shown on your web site and you will not receive calls.

Name: enter a generic name to identify your click2call button.

Transfer calls to number: click2call calls will be forwarded to this number. It can be an extension number or a landline or mobile one.

Make calls with this number: this number will be used as caller ID for the calls made to you web visitors or email receivers.

Business hours: you can modify the business hours schedule when your click2call is enabled clicking on "Modify business hours". You can modify this options:

  • Week days when click2call is enabled. Simply select the checkbox "that is beside each day to define this day as a working day.
  • If you have split shift schedule in your business, select the checkbox "Split shift".
  • You can define the start and ending time for each day with the morning and afternoon sliders.
  • If you want to define some dates as holidays you can do it in the "Holidays" tab.


Popup intro text: enter the introductory text that will be shown in the popup window that is open when you visitor click the click2call button.

Popup detail text: enter the text that is hown in the popup window above the phone number field.

Popup call button text: enter the text that will be shown in the button to make the call in the popup window.

Button: this is the button image that will be shown in you website. If you want to select another one clic on "Choose another button" and select one from the gallery. If you have a "Click2Call premium" plan you upload your own images inside the gallery window.

Floating button: if you want the button to be displayed always in the bottom left corner of your web site you can use the floating button. Your visitors always will see it over the content of your site.

Popup background: (for users with Click2Call Premium plan). Here you can choose the background image that will be shown in the click2call popup window.


Allow from domain: if you want your button to be shown only in your website domain enter here your domain name. You should also list all your subdomains (ie:,, ...).

Enable captcha: in order to avoid bots and other automated attacks select this checkbox. Your web visitor will be requested to fill a captcha before receive the call.

Destinations allowed: this field lists the allowed prefixes for click2call calls. If you want to allow only calls to a country click on "Select prefixes" and choose your prefered prefixes. Please note that there are some premium destinations that you should uncheck to prevent fraud.

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