Corporate address book

Your PBX includes a full address book that enables you to manage all of your company's contacts.

Accessing the address book

There is a public address book that can be consulted by all the extensions; in addition, each of the extensions has a private one. Keep in mind that...

  • If you access from main control panel (with your user's name aaXXXX), you can only access the public address book.
  • If you access from extension's control panel, you can access both the public address book and the private address book of the extension.
To access the address book, you just have to click on "Address book" in the control panel top bar.

Import contacts

If you already have a contacts book in Outlook, Thunderbird or in your Mac address book, you can export and import it into your PBX's address book.

To import it, just follow these steps:

  • Click on "Import" in the address book's toolbar, select the vCard file from your computer and click on "Upload".
  • Once the file is uploaded, you will see a list of all your contacts. For each contact, click on "Public address book" or "Private Address book" depending on the address book where you want to save the contact.

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New contact

To add a new contact, click on the "New" button on the address book's toolbar and then fill in the fields with the new contact's information.

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Once you have filled them in, select whether you want to save the contact in the private or public address book and click on "Save".

Search contacts

You can look up a contact from the address book itself using the field "Search" or by the tags you have assigned to a contact:

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You can also search the contacts from your own IP phone (if it has a screen) using the numbers keypad to enter the search criteria

Call a contact

One of the advantages of using the web address book is that you do not need to dial your contacts' numbers; you just need to click on the number to be dialed. Bear in mind that you can only dial from the address book if you have accessed it from your extension's control panel.

You just have to follow these steps to dial from the address book:

  • Search the contact in the address book.
  • Click on the green phone icon or on the telephone number itself.
  • Your IP phone will start ringing at that moment. Pick it up and the contact's number will be dialed at that moment.

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