Dial plan

In this module you can set up the PBX’s performance when a cal lis received.

General composition

The calls plan is mainly divided into two parts:

  • The lateral menu: located to the left in the manner of a pull-down menu with several sections such as Public numbers, Extensions, Functions... each section includes different PBX components.
  • The working area: a squared zone where the components are dragged from a lateral menu and the call flow is defined.

All the components, when displayed on the work area, have common features: they can be deleted, minimized and their main feature is that they have connectors (orange circles) that enable them to be connected with other components.

The connectors on the top of the component represent the entry to the call component and the lateral and lower connectors are several exits that can be taken depending on the component’s settings and operation.

For instance, in the example below, you can see that a line joins a Public number component with a Playback component. With this connection you have the person who calls your PBX from the Public number automatically listen to a recording (speech) asking him what department he wants to speak with by associating a number with each department. The If you press component below will act forwarding the call by one connector or other depending on the number dialed by the caller and so on.

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