The extension pull-down section contains the extensions associated with the PBX. If you drag the icon of an extension onto the working area , you will be able to direct the calls to an extension just by linking the flow of calls to the orange-color connector on the top of the component. When a call reaches this point and if the extension has been connected, it will start ringing and whoever is on the phone will receive the incoming calls by just picking up. If the extension has not been disconnected or a rining configurable period of time passes by then the call will go on through the extension's lower connector or the call will go to the voicemail (answering machine) linked to the extension.

The two icons at the start of the upper bar of the section make it possible to visualize the extensions as icons or as a list from which the extensions can be dragged to the Working area. Each extension can only be dropped once on the main grid.

The following upper bar icons allow us to add, explore and delete the extension selected in the side menu in perfect order.

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Extensions Settings

Both if you create a new extension and if you observe the properties of an existing one, you will see that the settings of each extension are arranged in 4 tabs: General, Transfers, Permissions y Settings.


From here, you will be able to set up the main features affecting the performance of the extension as well as those of the associated extension panel. Parameters included in this tab are:

  • Number: the number assigned to the extension, that is, the number that needs to be dialed from another extension associated to the PBX to call it.
  • User: it is the extension's user number. It is useful to access the extension's control panel and get SIP access.
  • Ext. Name: it is the default name of the extension for internal calls.
  • Password and Repeat password: the password necessary to access the extension's control panel and get SIP access.
  • Caller ID: It is used to identify the outgoing calls from the extension; the number will be displayed on the telephone that takes the call. The number that identifies the country must be indicated before the number – in the case of Spain number 34.
  • E-mail: the email account associated to the extension. It will be used to receive notifications when there is a call in the voicemail of extension (answering machine).
  • Language: the language of the user of the extension. It affects the language of the extension's control panel and the notifications when this extension makes calls within the PBX.
  • Time zone: the time zone where the extension actually is. It applies to extension control panel reports and voicemail notifications.
  • Limit of calls: it indicates how many simultaneous calls the IP telephone set up with this extension can take. For instance, if in a three-line IP phone you only wish to receive one simultaneous call, dial 1 in this value.
  • Bandwidth and quality: it allows us to select the type of band width and quality that we want:
    • By default to use the type set up in the setup module.
    • Low to save bandwidth in limited Internet connections (ADSL with many extensions, etc.).
    • High for better quality at the expense of using up more bandwidth. It is recommended for cable connections although it performs well in certain scenarios.

  • Emergency number: In case you have problems with your Internet connection, you can guarantee that calls will be attended indicating a landline or mobile number. When the PBX attempts to call the extension and this is not available, the call will be automatically transfered to the indicated number.

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It indicates what the extension will do if the call is not answered in a given period of time. These are the fields with which you can define the performance:

  • Ring (seconds): define for how long the extension will ring before the next step in the management of the call is taken
  • If the phone is not picked up, it goes to...
    • Voicemail: the call will go to the voicemail and the caller will be able to leave you a voice message.
    • Next step: performance will be directed to the next component to join the orange-color circle at the bottom of the extension component. It could just be an out-of-the office message or a call to a cell phone using the Call an Outside number component.
  • Voicemail password: enter a password to access the extension's voice mail. To access an extension's voice mail please read Dialing instructions.

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Set up here what functions indicated below your extension will be able to perform.

  • External calls: check this option if you want the extension to make outside calls, both international and national local numbers. The cost of calls will depend on the plan hired.
  • Transfers call: if the check box is activated, the extension can be set up to temporarily forward calls to another number from your extension's control panel./a>.
  • Send text messages: activate this check box if you want the extension to be able to send text messages from your control panel.
  • Record calls: if you check this option, the extension will be able to record calls by pressing a combination of keys (see Dialing instructions).
  • Steal calls: if you check this box the extension will be able to take calls ringing in another extension it can access to (see Dialing instructions).
  • Video conference: check this option so that the extension can make video conferences. To make video conferences the terminal used by the user must have this functionality.
  • Spy calls: this permission enables the extension to spy the rest of the PBX’s calls as well as to communicate with the extensions during the calls (see Dialing instructions).

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In this tab, you can set upt how to use the extension:

  • With an IP telephone or adaptor: you must check this option if you are going to use the extension with an IP phone or adaptor. You must follow these steps to set up your phone:

    • Download the terminal setup application PhoneSetup
    • Once it has been downloaded and set up you need to enter the access data indicated in "PhoneSetup settings": Server, User and Password.
    • To finish the terminal's setup go to Help at the Terminal Configurer.
    • Uo Once your terminal is set up, you can use Phonip Plus as your telephone assistant on your PC or Mac. With Phonip Plus you will be able to do web address book searches, dial your IP phone from your computer, talk to other users via instant messaging and see if they are talking on the phone. You can download Phonip Plus here.
    • Once Phonip Plus has been set up, all you have to do is enter the data indicated in "Settings for Phonip Plus" as user and password.

  • With Phonip Plus on a computer with headphones and a microphone: if you do not have an IP telephone or if you prefer to make calls from your own computer with headphones and a microphone, you can use Phonip Plus just by following these steps:
    • Once downloaded and set up, you just have to enter the access data indicated in the "Settings for Phonip Plus" section.
If you want to set up a SIP phone manually this section also provides the extension's SIP settings data: SIP server, SIP user and SIP password.

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In the SIP Setup section you can find an additional extension in the SIP User (mobile) field. With it you will be allowed to have two extensions, the classical first in your handset or computer desktop softphone and another virtual one to be set up in your mobile phone with a softphone of your election. When your extension number it's called the mobile extension will ring if is registered. If not then the call will be forwarded to your desktop extension.

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