Visibility groups

The next section in the lateral menu has to do with visibility groups. You can use them to group your PBX components, especially extensions, although any components may be included.

It is mainly useful to determine which extensions are visible for which other extensions. For instance, if you have a business department and a design department in your company, and you do not want them to use their respective extensions to speak directly with one another; you can define two visibility groups and assign one of them to each extension. In practical terms, if an extension or component has visibility options on a given group, it can only be seen by the extensions that have visibility options on the same group.

Another use concerns stealing. To this end, you can either use the same groups or different ones. If you want the members of the support department to be able to steal the calls from one another, include them all in one group called Support with the option of stealing among them. Stealing calls means that when an extension is ringing and the person assigned to said extension is not available, another person with a free line can pick it up and answer it.

It must be stressed that when the extensions do not belong to any group, they can be seen and their calls can be stolen by others without any limitations, this being the PBX’s default performance. It may be understood that an extension belonging to a group with visibility options can only be seen by extensions with visibility options in said group, and the same happens with the steal option.

Creation and assigment of groups

You must go to the corresponding section in the lateral panel to create groups. You can add a group by clicking on the plus sign and if you click on the minus sign you will delete the one that is selected at that moment. The plus icons to the left enable you to change the view of the groups from icons view to list.

Once the necessary groups have been created, you can assign them to a component by clicking on the icon located above to the right of all the components representing several persons. This icon is available for the components on the Work Area or during the editions of the extensions, even if they are not represented in said area. When you click on the icon, a list will be displayed with the groups available and you will be able to define the visibility or call steal option for each one.

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