Working area

The working area is the squared space occupying most of the Calls Plan module. The components should be distributed and connected conveniently on it to build your PBX.

The components (telephone numbers, extensions, etc.) are added to the Working area by dragging them from the Side Menu on the left and they can be moved, linked and even minimized or maximized. The connections among the component connectors on the Working area will define the PBX's performance.

There are two buttons on the left upper corner that enable to save and clear the ruled squares. They are Save changes and Clear respectively. Remember that after each change in the Calls plan, you must Save the changes before exiting the module so that the changes become effective in the PBX. Once the changes have been saved, the PBX's performance will change immediately. It is also important to save from time to time since if no actions are made in the Control Panel for a long period of time, the session will close and the changes will be lost.

General operation

The following is a description of how the basic operations of the Calls Plan work.

Add New Component Watch video

Adding new components to the Working area

To add new components, take the following steps:

  • Left click with the mouse on the tab whose component you wish to use.
  • Pressing the left button of the mouse, drag the component to the working area and release the button.

Remove Component Watch video

Removing a component from the Working area

To remove a component from the working area, you just have to left click the mouse on the blade icon on the component's right upper corner.

Move Components Watch video

Moving one or several component in the Working area

To move a component in the working area, left click the mouse on the component's upper bar and without releasing the button, drag the mouse to the desired position.

If you need to move several components at the same time, left click on the working area and drag the mouse. You will see that a blue selection square appears. All the components included in the selection square will be "selected" and they can be moved at the same time.

You can also select components individually by left clicking on them with the mouse and pressing the Ctrl key.

Link Components Watch video

Linking two components

To have a call pass from one component to the next, you must link them. You can do so following these steps:

  • Left click with the mouse on the orange connector of one of the components..
  • You will see how the connectors of the rest of the components to which this connector can be linked are highlighted.

Unlink Components Watch video

Unlinking two components

If you wish to eliminate the link between two components take the following steps:

  • Keep the mouse cursor for a few seconds on one of the connectors whose link you wish to eliminate.
  • Black lines will appear on the connectors that have links to the connector where the cursor is.
  • Left click with the mouse on the connector maintaining the link you wish to eliminate.

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