Extension Panel

In addition to the general control panel, your service has a particular control panel for each of the PBX’s extensions from which the extension users can access information and utilities that they have set up without having to access the main panel.

If you want the extensions’ users to be able to use the functionality that is described below, just make your company’s URL (included in the setup mail) available to them as well as the user name and password for each of them which are accessible in each extension’s settings in the main control panel.

The ways to access it are the same as those described in the Login section, but you must use each extension’s user name and password.



From the home module you can consult the calls received by the extension in a way similar to how it is done with the Control Panel Calls module.


From the transfer module, the user can forward the calls from his extension to another extension or internal number. This functionality is useful, for instance, so that the users who are away from the office can continue to be available on their mobile phones. This option can be disabled from the extension’s settings in the Control Panel.

Sending SMS

From here the extensions can send SMS messages quickly and cheaply. This option can also be disabled from the Control Panel’s settings.


In this section, you can set up the extension’s time zone and change the panel’s access password.


It allows access to the fax numbers that have been allowed for this extension in the Control Panel’s Public numbers module. This functionality is the same described in the Fax module.

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