With the fax module you can receive and send faxes from a telephone number set up to this end in the public numbers module. You can only access this module when one of these telephones has been set up.

The module is divided into five submodules accessible from the icons located on the top: Inbox, Send fax, File, Outbox and Contacts.


The inbox submodule will enable you to access the faxes you have received. A preview of the fax will be displayed to the left of each line. Further to the right you can see the sender’s telephone number and the telephone number through which the message was received; this is useful when more than one telephone is working as fax. Below this information, there are several icons that allow you to, in left to right order: See fax, Rotate fax, Download PDF, Answer fax, Resend by email in PDF, Add a note and Archive. When you click on File, the fax is deleted from the Inbox and moved to the File submodule.

It is important to keep in mind that you will get an email whenever a fax is received including the fax itself at the email address defined in the Redirect incoming faxes to email field in the Settings module.

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Send Fax

This submodule enables you to send faxes to your Contacts’ telephone numbers or to numbers dialed manually. It is recommendable to enter the numbers in the format +[Country Prefix][Telephone Number].

The numbers are included in the Destination Fax Numbers field either by dialing them in the format indicated above (separated by semicolons), or by clicking on the Distribution list and selecting one that has already been created or by clicking on Contacts and selecting the contacts included in the Contacts submodule.

Next, by clicking on the Browse button, you can add files to the fax in the formats indicated below.

By clicking on Options you can indicate the fax number to be used and the number of send attempts you wish to make if anything fails, as well as other options.

Lastly, you can use a front page indicating the addressee, for example.

When you have filled in the pertinent fields, just click on the Send button and the fax will be moved to the Outbox submodule for its send management

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You can search for the filed faxes here, whether they have been sent or received. Just define the filters you wish and click on Search.

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