Public numbers

You can manage everything concerning your telephone numbers from this module, including their acquisition.

Main screen

The telephone numbers you have are displayed on the main screen with the following fields:

  • Number: it indicates the complete number including its country code.
  • Area code: this field shows the country in capitals and the name of the area to which the number belongs.
  • Monthly price: it shows the monthly cost of maintaining the number.
  • Price per minute: certain special numbers (mainly national and free numbers) presuppose a shared cost or a cost assumed by you as the receiver of a call, in which case, the cost will appear here.
  • Type: the selection field in which you can define the telephone number that will work as a fax or as a conventional voice phone. If the number performs as a fax, it will obviously not be included in the Dial plan but in the Fax module.
  • Fax Extensions: if the number works as a fax you can choose the extensions from whose extension panel you want the faxes received in this number to be visible.
  • Save changes: click on this button if you want to apply the changes made in the Type of number (Voice or Fax).

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Add new number

This section becomes available by clicking the Add number option... on the main screen. From here you can browse the numbers stock available by each country, whether they are geographic, free or at a national level.

If you wish to include a number of a given type, click on the arrow in the Buy column in the corresponding row. Then a confirmation screen will pop up and you can start using the number.

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