This module makes it possible for restrictions to be added to how long can be in minutes the calls made by an extension, a group of extensions or globally to a given destination.

Main screen

The main screen presents the restrictions set up and it has the following fields:

  • Prefix: it indicates the prefix by which a called number must begin so that it is limited. The prefix should include the country's number even if it is where the PBX is set up. The prefix of external or international calls does not need to be indicated. For example, the prefix 346 limits the calls to any mobile phone in Spain.
  • Restriction type: it indicates what extension is affected by the restriction. Extension, one extension in particular, Group for a group of extensions set up in the Dial Plan and Global for all the extensions in the PBX.
  • Restriction Id: it identifies the extension or group affected.
  • Period type: the period of time for which the indicated minutes are computed.
  • Minutes: the limit number of minutes for calls permitted in the period.
  • Minutes consumed: the minutes consumed in the present for the destination indicated.

EIt is possible to add a new restriction by clicking on Add restriction and edit one by clicking on the value of any of the fields displayed in it.

Restrictions moduleZoom

Add/edit restriction

Define the values for which you wish to apply a restriction.

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