You can access modifiable parameters that affect the PBX's general performance from this module.


PBX's settings

You can define many parameters in this section, from the number that must be dialed to make external calls to the message format in the voice mail. Remember to click on Save changes if you want the modifications to become effective

  • General

    • Local calls through the local network: by selecting this option, the calls made between the PBX extensions that are in the same local network will be made through the PBX itself. This way the quality and speed of the call increases and the outer connection's bandwidth is not used up. It may be necessary to disable it in certain local network settings.
    • Caller ID by default: in this field, you can define the telephone number that you want displayed in the terminals of the persons receiving your calls (for instance, your clients). This performance can be set up for each extension in the Dial plan. The country's prefix must be indicated before the number. For example, in the case of Spain and the number 902906032, 34 (34902906032).
    • Transfer incoming caller ID to the outgoing calls: with this option the outgoing calls will carry the ID of the call received initially in the PBX. If it is not activated, the call forwarded to the outside (to landline or cell phones) will carry the default ID as caller ID. This option is useful when the call is forwarded to the cell phones of workers that are away from the office because this way they can see who is calling them.
    • Record outgoing calls: if activated, it will record all the calls made from any extensions to the outside.
    • Save only the last interval in the recording of extension calls: if this option is enabled, when recording the calls from an extension with *2, only the last recorded interval will be saved ignoring all the previous ones.
    • Redirect incoming faxes to email: define here the email where you want to receive incoming faxes in case one of your public numbers performs the function of fax.
    • Bandwidth and quality by default: select the bandwidth and quality that you want to use for your calls to the extensions. You can set up this parameter by personalizing each extension. The values available are:
      • Low if your connection's bandwidth is limited.
      • High for connections with good bandwidth, cable type. It enhances the quality of the extensions' calls at the expense of them using up more bandwidth.

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  • Local settings

    • Language: set up here the predetermined language for the PBX and the control panel.
    • Country prefix by default: the PBX's country and code by default. This field is used so that the extensions can make national calls without having to add the national prefix at the beginning.
    • Time zone by default: the PBX's time zone. It affects the time with which the calls are included in the calls log.
    • External calls prefix: define here the number that an extension must dial to call a number from outside the PBX. It is "0" by default although "9" is used in some countries. For example, if the country set up in country prefix by default is Spain and you are calling Madrid, you must dial 091XXXXXXX (you do not need to use the Spanish prefix 34).
    • International calls' prefix: enter the number that must be dialed after the external call number to call a foreign country. It is "00" by default although "011" is used in some countries. For example, if the country set up in country prefix by default is Spain and you are calling the United States, you must dial 0001 (0 for calling out, 00 for a foreign call and 1 for the US international telephone code) and then the US number.

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  • Call in hold music

    • The preferred ring tone for incoming calls: when you receive a call in your PBX, you can choose whether to play the call in hold music you set up or the usual ring tone. If you select the option "Ring tone – without picking up", the PBX will play the ring tones for incoming calls, but the caller will not get any response until an extension picks up the call.
    • Call in hold music by default: when an incoming or internal call has to wait, the PBX's default music will be played.
    • Customized call in hold music: pby clicking on Browse, you can select an .MP3 or .WAV file to be played when a call is put on hold

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  • General voice mail

    • Use the extension's voice mail: define the number of the extension whose voice mail you want to use as the PBX's answer phone. If you do not want to activate the general voice mail, check "Disabled".
    • Voice mail message: define what speech you want to use as the message prior to the answering beep.
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  • Voice mail notifications setup

    • From: email address of the sender of the notification email.
    • Subject: the subject of the email.
    • Body: define here the body of the notification message. It is possible to include key words followed by the $ sign. A template message is set up by default.
      • $USER_NAME: Name of the extension's user who has received a new voice mail message.
      • $MESSAGE_DURATION: Duration of the message left in the voice mail box.
      • $MESSAGE_NUMBER: Number identifying the message.
      • $CALLER_NUMBER: Origin number of the caller who left the message.
      • $CALLER_NAME: Name of the person who left the message (if it can be obtained).
      • $DATE: Date on which the voice message was left.
    • Send message: define if you wish to include the message in the mailbox mail itself, and in what format.

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  • Password Change

Enter the new password twice and click on Save changes if you wish to modify your password to access the control panel.

Personal information

The personal information which will be used for billing purposes should be indicated in this section. We recommend modifying them at once if any of them undergoes change.


Section for enabling or disabling different notifications:

- Low balance notification: if you enable it, when your account's balance is less than that of the box in the "Low balance notification " form, you will receive an email reminding you to reload the balance at selected email accounts.

- Missed calls notification: if you check this box, every time you receive a call in the PBX and it is not taken by any extension, you will receive an email with information about the missed call at selected email accounts.

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In this section you can find all services can be integrated with you phone system. If you want to activate one of them, click on "Change Configuration", complete the fields and then enable the service clicking on the ON switch.

You can find how to configure each of these services here:

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