SugarCRM Connector

SugarCRM Connector allows you to have an immediate log of your phone interactions with your CRM contacts automatically. Along with the PBX it supports the following features:

  • Log of incoming and outgoing PBX calls in SugarCRM.
      • It relates calls with a contact or account who has phone number assigned. If the call is an incoming call, it matches the number from which you have been called and if call is an outgoing call, the number from which you have called. If you accede to a SugarCRM account or contact you can see his call log.
      • It relates calls with the SugarCRM user that makes or receives a call, in the same way that with contacts and accounts.
  • Identifies PBX incoming calls in order you can see who is calling on your phone if the phone is in your SugarCRM. Sets Caller-ID with related account or contact name's.
  • Shows SugarCRM notifications to a user assigned to a calling or called extension.
      • Notifications are linked to a related SugarCRM contact making possible to accede his card during call.
      • These notifications allow you to save a memo associated with that call register while call it's being made. Call cause, discussed points or consequences can't be detailed.
      • It's possible to create a new SugarCRM contact from a notification if the phone number can't be identified.
  • It allows doing calls from SugarCRM interface. Besides every phone number in SugarCRM you will see a phone shape icon. If you click that icon you should make a call from your user assigned extension to the related phone number.

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