SugarCRM Connector Installation

SugarCRM Connector allows you to log immediately phone call interactions with your SugarCRM contacts.


    SugarCRM must fullfit the following requisites:

    • SugarCRM 6.
    • Add modules allowed.
    • Web access to SugarCRM root directory.


    First of all you must ask for SugarCRM Connector and module activation to the PBX provider. With this file saved in your computer and a user with administrator level logged in SugarCRM you ought to go to the Admin zone. The access is located in the up-left corner of the SugarCRM page.

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    Inside Admin zone you must go to the Module Loader that is located y the Developer Tools section. There you have to click on Examine in order to select the connector file in your computer. After that you must click Upload.

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    The Connector Module will appear in the lower panel with an Install option that must be clicked. When installed the module should appear in  upper panel. Now you have SugarCRM Connector installed, but now it's time to set up.

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    Finally you must add the neccesary field to the User EditView:

    1. From Admin section access to Studio.
    2. At the left sided Modules section go to Users > Design > Edit View.
    3. Add a new panel called Callinize.
    4. Drag and drop into the new panel the fields Personal Extension, Magic Dial, Call Notification.
    5. Save & Deploy.

    SugarCRM Setup

    General Setup

    For setting up the new module you must return to Admin Zone and in the new Callinize section you must click on Module Configuration.

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    Inside Module Configuration you can find the next fields:

    • Asterisk Server: PBX server (e.g.
    • Asterisk User: PBX administrator user.
    • Asterisk Password: PBX administrator user password's.
    • Soap User: SugarCRM user with administrator privileges.
    • Password Soap SugarCRM: password for SugarCRM user.
    • Dial-out Prefix: set here the same prefix you have to dial in order to call out the PBX (e.g. 9).
    • PBX Country Prefix: the default country prefix of your PBX.(e.g 1 for US).

    The rest of the fields can be set to default value. Go to the lower part of the form and click Save.

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    User Setup

    Finally you have to assign an extension to each SugarCRM user who owns a PBX extension To do this, you again must go to the Admin zone and search for Users section and proceed to User Administration.

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    From here you can accede every user whose calls you wish to monitorize, select Edit and then complete the fields on Callinize section:

    • Personal extensions: set the users' extension. If there are more than one, separate them with comma.
    • Call button: if it's set to yes, when a user comes into a contact card he could make a call clicking o the phone icon next to each phone number.
    • Notifications: user will receive notifications when he is in SugarCRM when his extension is called.

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    Not more to do in SugarCRM. It only lasts to set up the PBX side of the connection. In order to set it up go to PBX panel > Settings > CRM.

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