Zoho CRM connector installation

1. Go to the control panel section Settings / Integrations and click on "Edit configuration" on the Zoho CRM module:

Zoho CRM Panel de Control

2. You will be redirected to Zoho CRM web and will be requested for you username and password:

3. Click on "Start session".

4. If the login and password are right, you will be requested to give permissions to your phone system to access Zoho CRM account. Click on "Accept".

5. Now you must click again on "Edit configuration":

6. You must configure this sections:

  • Configured extensions: select which Zoho CRM user will be assigned to each extension.
  • Show recorded calls in Zoho CRM: if you have enabled call recording in your phone system and you want to link this recording from Zoho CRM, activate this checkbox.
  • Get caller ID from Zoho CRM: if you activate this checkbox, when you receive a call in your phones, the name from the customer that is calling matched from Zoho CRM data will be shown in the display.
  • All numbers in international format: enable this checkbox if all your phone numbers stored in your CRM are prefixed with the country international prefix.
  • Prefix number matches with: if phone numbers stored in your CRM are prefixed with some character (ie: +) then enter it in this field.

7. Click on "Apply changes" and enable the integration clicking on the switch button "Off/On" in the Zoho CRM module.

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