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We start the examples of uses with a standard PBX. This is the case of a small computer consulting firm based in Toledo. It has 8 workers and takes a huge load of calls but it bearly takes more than two simultaneous calls.

The clients are mainly based in Castilla La Mancha and Madrid and because of the nature of the company most workers are out of the office at one point or another consulting or doing commercial tasks. This is why they need to take the clients’ calls while being away from the office.

Two of the workers sometimes travel to Germany (2 or 3 times a year) to visit one company that is implementing one of the softwares they distribute and support with which they keep regular communication.

General settings

Once the service has been hired and set up, one of the workers sets up the dial plan adding the extensions of the 8 workers. First he sets up a basic PBX with the company’s schedules dand a notification so that when they are not in, the call is taken by the voicemail. If the call is taken during normal working hours, a simple voice message recorded by the worker will be heard. The message asks the caller to dial 1 to contact management and 2 to contact support. If the caller dials 1, the call is forwarded to extension 962 with sidecar (operator) where the person on the phone will forward the call to the corresponding person. If 2 is dialed a call is made sequentially to the 5 extensions of consultants.

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In this case and given support consultants work both in and out of the office and they need to take their clients ´calls when they are away from the office, they have been provided with portable devices where the softphone PhoneIP (LINK) will be set up. This is how the consultant will be able to make a call if he is in a place with an Internet connection by using the PBX and the headphones supplied by the service.

Because it might occur that the consultant that is away from the office does not have a connection at any given moment - which could be partly solved with a 3G connection for the laptop in this case the call be rather made to the company cell phone. We have two options here:

  • The user can change his status manually from his extension panel in the Transfers module.
  • Add to the extension a call to mobile devices in the lower connector (as shown in the picture).

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IP Terminals

The settings of the IP devices purchased (2 Linksys SPA921 and 1 Linksys SPA962 with sidecar) are done in a simple way as specified in the Setup Section.

Special features

Going Abroad

When workers go to Germany, the PBX offers several options - and not necessarily mutually excluding options.

  • The main and best option for workers is to log on to the PBX from their laptop through the company´s Internet connection wherever that is.
  • Buy a phone number for the PBX in Germany that workers will be able to dial at the cost of a local national call.
  • Use a local German number to allow the workers to make calls using the PBX to call a foreign country - Spain, for instance using the function Call back. This solution allows workers to keep in touch with their clients from wherever they are at the cost of a local national call.

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