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The PBX service is based on the SIP protocol, which makes it compatible with a large number of terminals, both physical and software simulated. This functionality lets you use almost all sorts of telephones you might have. However, and in order to simplify the settings of the devices, we distribute a number of recommended terminals and adaptors that allow great compatibility and almost instant set up thanks to our configurator and to the Phonip Plus application.

Among the terminals that support our products, there are three large groups. The physical SIP-compatible IP telephones, traditional analogue physical phones (which require an adaptor) and software telephones or softphones.

IP terminal

They are physical phones which, unlike traditional analogue telephones, can be connected directly to a router. The telephones made by Linksys, Cisco, Siemens and Snom M9 can be set up in minutes with our configurator. When it comes to other phones they need to be set up by the user and their performance is not guaranteed.

IP Terminal

Analogue Terminals (traditional telephones)

This type of telephone requires an adapter so that it can be connected to a router, although there are routers with SIP features in the market that allow direct connection of several analogue telephones. We offer you IP adaptors that are easy to use and easy to set up using our configurator.


Software terminals (softphones)

Instead of having a physical terminal to take and make calls, you can use a softphone. A softphone is an application that allows us to receive and make calls using either a headset or simply the computer’s microphone and speakers. There are many softphones compatible with the SIP protocol both free and on pay-per use models for all kinds of operating systems and cellular phones.

PhonIP Plus is a softphone that you can use with your PBX. It is available for several platforms and it can be downloaded for free. Unlike other softphones, it allows quick, simple configurations; it also displays additional info such as your phone balance.

Phonip Plus softphone

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