The features included in each of the different terminals compatible with our products range from a redial button to a button to transfer a call. Nevertheless, there are several features and special dialing functions common to all of them that grant you access to all kinds of features included in the PBX.

Once the extensions have been set up to use your PBX, you can access the following features from your terminal when it is correctly set up and connected to the PBX:

  • Call another extension: just dial the other extension’s number.
  • Call an external domestic number: simply dial the number you wish to call. This is the default performance; see the Local Settings section of the Settings module to modify it.
  • Call an international number: dial "00" followed by the international prefix and the number you wish to call. This is the default performance; see the Local Settings section of the Settings module to modify it.
  • Answer a call from the group to which the extension belongs: dial "*" or "*7".
  • Listen to voice mail messages: pulse "*0".
  • Spy calls: dial *3 to start listening to the calls being made by the PBX’s extensions. Once the listening starts, press * to skip among the calls under way and # to modify the volume. You can communicate with the extensions, but the other interlocutor will not be able to listen to your conversation with the extensions.
  • Choose the Caller ID when calling: if you have several telephone numbers in your PBX, you can choose one to make the call adding the prefix "#1", "#2", etc. to the number to be dialed. You can see the association between prefixes and caller ID’s in the Settings section. Example: to call with the second Caller ID you would have to dial #2 +  the number to be called.
  • Make a call disabling call transfers: if during a call you need to use key # or * and call transfers feature is capturing it, you can disable transfers dialing #90 before the number to call.

You can perform the following actions in the course of a call:

  • Record a call: press "*2" to start recording. To stop, hang up or press "*2" again.
  • Attended transfer: press "#". In this moment you will be asked what extension you wish to transfer the call to. Dial its number and you will be able to speak with the target extension. If the person to whom the call is transferred accepts the call, hang up and the call will have been transferred. Contrariwise, if you wish to speak with the caller again, press "*".

IMPORTANT: in certain terminals (especially in the softphones) you may have to press the dialing key after dialing what is indicated.

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