Phonip Plus

Phonip Plus is a free desktop application for your PBX available for Windows and Mac OS X.

The following stand out among its features:

  • It enables the PBX to be connected and make and receive calls from your PC or Mac with headphones and a microphone.
  • Sending instant messages (chat) to other extensions.
  • It controls the status of other Phonip Plus extensions: if they are speaking, absent, simply disabled... it is also possible to change the status of visible to others from each Phonip Plus terminal.
  • Access the corporate address book. You can make calls searching the contacts list in the panel or see who is calling if he is included on this list.
  • Phonip Plus can be used as an assistant of a desk IP or a wireless telephone, enabling to dial from the computer, receive notifications of the calls received on the computer screen or dial on your IP phone searching directly on the Phonip address book.

To set up Phonip Plus, take the steps indicated here. Once the user and password have been validated, the main window will be displayed.

Main interfase

First, the rest of the PBX users and information about their current status will be displayed on the center on a white background. The File, Tools and Help menus are on the top. The information about the user's status appears underneath, on the bluish area. It is possible to change the status by clicking on it and thus, it will be visible for the rest of the users.

The white bar with the text "Enter name or number" enables both to dial a telephone number to be called and search a contact, whether on the PBX phone book or among the rest of the users. Once you have entered the number, it will be dialed by pressing the button on the right of the bar. If a name is entered, the main list will be modified to display the contacts or users that include it. Once the users have been filtered, it is possible to send them a message or call them, among other options, as we will see in the Contact Options.


It is possible to make several options in the top part of the menus. The File menu, enables, among other options, to add contacts to the softphone itself and create groups to group them.

The Tools menu mainly enables access to the current extension's Control Panel. From the panel it is possible to add balance to the PBX or send sms, for instance

Contact options

HIt is possible to start a chat by right clicking on a contact by means of the option Send message.

The Call option is disabled by default. To enable it, right click on the contact and select Add contact to Name (Extension number). In the dialogue displayed, you must fill in Select user's account the SIP account and in ID or Number enter the contact's extension number. Then just click Add. This way you can call the contacts you wish by just clicking on the available telephone icon.

The options of moving to a new group or to one previously created, deleting the contact or see the communications history are also included.

Phonip Plus as the assistant to another phone

If you have a landline terminal (Linksys, Cisco, etc.) it is possible to use Phonip Plus as an assistant and thus enjoy its features of presence, search and messaging.

To use it, you must access Calls plan in the Control Panel and change the Phonip performance in the extension's Settings tab corresponding to the landline telephone. Remember that if you decide to use Phonip Plus later with your own extension, you need to undo this modification.

Then set up Phonip Plus and enter the same user and password as those of the extension. You will be able to use the Phonip Plus features at the same time you use the landline terminal:

  • When you make a call from Phonip Plus it will be transferred to your phone and when the handset is picked up, the call will be made to the extension or contact that was dialed in Phonip Plus.
  • You can send messages to other extensions having Phonip Plus.
  • The feature of searching for contacts in the panel's address book will also be available.

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