Linksys SPA942

It is a four-line IP telephone, with a monochrome display and two Ethernet ports that make it possible for them to be installed between a switch and a PC without having to rewire. The terminal includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) support which means that if your network supports it (or if you add additional components, if possible) you will not need to use the power adaptors to power the device.

Step 1: Wiring


If your network supports PoE you will not need to use the power adaptor, since power will be supplied by the network cable itself, so you can move on to the next section.

To power the terminal, it must be connected to a wall socket using the adaptor included. The adaptor is mounted as described here. You must connect the small plug in the power adaptor to the corresponding telephone input, as shown in the figure.

Setup - SPA942 - PowerZoom


Since the terminal has two Ethernet ports, its installation is possible without an additional cable to its router or switch. If you already have a cable up to, for example, a PC located in the same seat, just connect said cable to the telephone (in the Ethernet connector marked WAN) and the cable included with the telephone, from the telephone to the PC (from the connector marked PC on the telephone). If this is not possible, you will have to connect a cable from the router to the Ethernet connector marked WAN.

Setup - SPA942 - NetworkZoom

Step 2: Setup

Once the telephone has been connected to the network, if you have DHCP in your network (it is the most usual case) the telephone will take an address in your local network automatically. Otherwise, the telephone should be previously included in the network manually. To this end, contact your network administrator and consult the terminal’s manual.

Once the telephone is in the network, it can be configured using its MAC ID (it is printed on the sticker on the back of the telephone). The telephones and adaptors must be set up using our Configurer following the steps indicated here.

Setup - SPA942 - SetupZoom

If you cannot use our Configurer you must complete the telephone’s installation following the steps in its manual and using the SIP setup that you may obtain in the control panel’s extensions.

Once both steps are completed, you can start using your terminal as described in the Dialing section.

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